Searching for Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

Searching for Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

There are a lot of romantic restaurants in Singapore. It is the reason why people prefer to get a holiday in Singapore. You can also choose the restaurant base on your budget.

If you want to eat in fancy restaurants such as Ce La Vi, Clifford, JAAN, Mezza9, and Salt Girl restaurant; you need to book before coming to the restaurant. Some of them are built within the hotel such as Clifford restaurant which is inside The Fullerton Bay Hotel or Mezza9 restaurant which is located on Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Affordable romantic restaurants in Singapore

To find an affordable romantic restaurant in Singapore is not as hard as you think, some of them might look like a cafe.

trapizza singapore

You can also find a restaurant that gives romantic atmosphere around the bay such as Trappizza. The restaurant located at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, it serves pizza and pasta. More info

pasta brava singapore

You can also choose Pasta Brava if you prefer to have an Italian pasta such as Linguine Regina Del Mare or Risotto Nero Alla Sinfonia Dei Nostri Mari, the price is lower compared to Trapizza. You only need to pay $23 for their Italian Pasta. More info

ps cafe singapore

PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance can also be the best choice for those who prefer to spend their time in the classy cafe. The restaurant is not only famous for its main food. It is also famous for their desserts such as vanilla ice cream, pudding, and much more. You can get their special Truffle Shoestring Fries $15 or The Crab Tart for $32. More info


For those who like Japanese food, you might like Akashi which is placed on 1 9 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Shopping Centre. It serves a sushi set which is made from salmon, tuna, and Tamago. You can also order sashimi from salmon, tuna, and yellowtail. The price for their sushi set is low. You can order a lunch set meal for $16 or $20 for the supper. More info

Romantic Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

The vegetarian restaurant is not hard to be found in Singapore. The restaurant is divided into different types of menu including Mediterranean, in-house vegetable garden, meat-free and organic, vegan, vegan and organic, Thai Peranakan, Indian vegan and much more.

original sin restaurant singapore

For a Mediterranean restaurant, you might probably like the Original sin which is placed on Jalan Merah Saga. The restaurant menus consist of a Mediterranean vegetarian menu that might satisfy your taste. The price is range from $16 until $30. Their recommended lists are including mezze platter, Bosco mista, and lasagne. More info

pollen restaurant gardens by the bay

Pollen which is placed on Flower Dome might be one of the fancy vegetarian restaurants that can be found in Singapore. The restaurant tries to combine Mediterranean herb and vegetable garden for your menu. You can also ask for meat option if you prefer to have a heavy meal. The price in Pollen restaurant ranges from $26 to $44, but it is quite understandable since the restaurant only serves healthy food. More info

whole earth restaurant

Whole Earth is recommended for those who prefer Asian spicy food; the restaurant serves Thai’s menu. Their Penang Rendang is considered as their best offering. It is not only spicy but also give meat sensation, even though the meat is replaced with mushroom. Their meal set prices less than $20. More info

Those are the romantic restaurants in Singapore that might fit your taste, whenever you come to Singapore make sure to enjoy their multicultural culinary. Visit other restaurant review articles here