singapore flyer dinner

Singapore flyer dinner

Dinner at Singapore Flyer is one way to spoil tourists who want to experience a romantic dinner. If you invite a girlfriend or wife to Singapore, take him to this place could be a special surprise. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Singapore at night from a distance of a certain height.

The mood becomes more romantic because of the landscape, and the city lights of Singapore looks amazing. It is one of the destinations most in demand by tourists who visit Singapore. Experiencing a romantic dinner in private capsule becomes very enjoyable. The capsule rotation will head some sweetest spot of view.

Know the Detail about the Singapore Flyer dinner

view from singapore flyer

Before you devise to enjoy dinner at Singapore flyer, then you have to look at some specific instructions. This service gives freedom to all tourists. You can enjoy this service with a lover, families, and children.  You must make a reservation with the guest’s data who will attend to dinner.

This dinner is provided in several different types of packages. You can enjoy wine and some other types of beverages. You can also get an exclusive service that feels like a personal service. That kind of service will enhance your dinner experience above the sky-high.

Singapore views at night became the main reasons to visit Singapore Flyer. The giant capsule will move to a wide range to some of the most interesting angle to enjoy Singapore. Bring your camera and take some pictures to keep those sweet moments. Don’t forget you have limited time inside the capsule.

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Tips for the Singapore Flyer Dinner

Dinner at Singapore Flyer is like getting dinner at a 5-star hotel. There are some terms applied here. All the guest must wear a formal wear for dinner in this place. Casual wear is not allowed.

Before you make a deal for a dinner, you should pay attention to some important information. You can get promotion package during the public holiday such as Christmas and New Year.

dinner at singapore flyer

When you are selecting the dinner package, you also choose the menu set served for your dinner. You can make an additional request for the food, such as seafood allergies, diet calories, and vegetarians.

Useful Tip: You can read other customer’s review at Tripadvisor before you decided to set a dinner at Singapore Flyer.

The private capsule decoration used by Singapore Flyer can be customized. You could request special decoration if you were celebrating special events, such as anniversary, birthday, engagement, and much more. They will follow your instruction as long as it does not break the safety regulation.

You must pay in advance for booking the dinner at Singapore Flyer. Set your schedule, do not coming late because you will miss your awesome moment that you already pay for. You can confirm your booking before arrival. During the risk of bad weather, the attraction may be canceled for safety reasons. You will get privilege for change the schedule or get a refund.