thai food delivery singapore

Thai food delivery Singapore

Thai food delivery in Singapore can be an excellent choice for your trip to Singapore. Imagine if you arrived at the hotel yet you forget to have dinner. Of course, you are too lazy to buy some foods outside. Hence, foods in the hotel are quite expensive for a budget traveler. Thai food delivery is a possible solution, especially for those who are Asian traveler.

In Asia countries, Thai restaurants are quite remarkable for its tasty cuisine. Singapore has certain restaurants that serve delicious foods which can put you in awe. Nevertheless, you should notice that the delivery cost is depending on the distance from your hotel to the restaurant. It is suggested to choose nearest Thai restaurant as to save some of your budgets.

Thai To Go Delivery service

thai to go delivery

Thai To Go is the best Thai food delivery in Singapore for your reference. It offers wide-ranging Thai foods that look tasty and flawless. You should try Gai Yang and Khao Tang Na Tang which is available on their website. Gai Yang looks like roast chicken fillet with spicy dip as the complement. Hence, Khao Tang Na Tang looks like rice cracker that shows authentic Thai cuisine.

You can sort your desired food by categories, such as starters, salads, tofu, seafood and even Thailand bento box. There are two sizes of food available in this catering which are small and medium. You can ask directly to the operator for the complete details. Yum Talay Woon Sen seems tasty as for your salads. It mixes noodle and seafood as your salad that sounds and looks delicious.

thailand curry food

For starters, you can try homemade spring roll and fish cake for your reference. Curry foods with Thailand touches can also be your references that worth trying. Having Tom Yum soup is a must in eating Thailand foods. You can choose the soup with various choices like chicken, beef, and seafood. For your information, this food is spicy.

For those who are not familiar with spicy foods, you can try standard dishes offered by this catering service. The food prices in this service are quite affordable. It cost around SGD 8 up to SGD 14 for the main course, depending on your chosen size. You can try Nam Manglak and Nam Yen which only costs SGD 2 for drinks. It also provides standard drinks, such as mineral water, sprite, and coke. If you are interested, you can call directly to +65 6396 9696 and it opens daily from 10.30am to 09.00pm.

Foodpanda as your choice to order Thailand foods

food panda singapore

Foodpanda is a new application that can offer you with not only various Thai foods but also Thai restaurants. It puts all well-known Thai restaurants in one order menu. Hence, it provides not only Thai Cuisine but also Western, Indian and many else. You can filter your research for Thailand restaurants that offer free delivery service for the customer. Don’t forget to notice about the minimum order. Thai restaurants put SGD 25 as the minimum order averagely.

For Muslims, you can filter certified Thai halal restaurants through this application. Yu can also see some restaurants that offer promotions for delivery services, such as Christmas deal for December. You can see customer rating for each Thai restaurants that can be your good reference. Pad Thai, for instance, is favorite dishes for delivery service in Thailand restaurant. This can be your alternative for Thai food delivery in Singapore.