top restaurants in singapore

Top Restaurants in Singapore

Top restaurants in Singapore are various and can be found in many places. Nonetheless, finding the best one can be confusing since every tongue has different taste. Besides that, we should think about the budget.

When you are travelling to Singapore, you may face confusion when dealing with finding a restaurant for best food as well best price. There are plenty of restaurants offer some various menu from variety type of cuisines. Some popular kinds of cuisines we can find in Singapore are Western, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, French and Korean food. There is also available vegetarian food, halal food and for seafood lovers, you don’t need to worry because we can find them easily.

Satisfy Your Belly in Chinatown Food Street

In Singapore, there are plenty of culinary spots which offer various culinary experience and many of them located in reachable areas for example Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Chinatown and many other locations. It will be easy to find the best restaurant with enjoyable culinary experience and actually, Singapore has so many excellent places to fulfil the culinary adventure.

Finding Perfect Meals in Singapore

By defining the meals we are going to eat, it is easy to determine the restaurant we should visit. It is not only about getting the full feeling but also how to get culinary experience which can be shared with our friends and family as the recommendation. Some top restaurants in Singapore which are recommended by culinary lovers or food bloggers can be the reference in finding the best food based our opinion.

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We can decide to visit a restaurant based on three aspects, who, where and when. First, we should specify who will eat whether large group, with business partner, or just our own. Where deals with the location whether it is easy to reach or not whereas when, deals with the time we are going to eat whether for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.

Some Top Restaurants in Singapore

Because of the uniqueness of the menu, the taste is crystal clear as well the food presentation, some restaurants in Singapore can be considered as the top choice. Many people recommend the restaurant and the mouth to mouth advertisements are still the best methods.

Iggy’s, Waku Ghin, Les Amis, Restaurant Andre and some others are high-end restaurants which are considerable as the choice in trying and tasting Singapore culinary. Although they are not genuine from Singaporean taste, the experience will be still memorable.

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Orchard Road, Tanglin Road, Chinatown, and Bugis are several areas wherein many types of food stalls are available. Besides those, we can find stunning restaurants in other areas with various Singapore cuisines options.

There are also some restaurants provide special culinary condition, for example, vegetarian food and halal food. Halal menu such as nasi padang or nasi lemak are common in Singapore. You can use Tripadvisor’s search tool to find your desired restaurant. You can filter by its location, price range, food types, and customer reviews!