Singapore is one of the most popular countries in the world. That is why it becomes a great destination for many tourists. In fact, there are many destination places available in this country. You can visit tourism places and other beautiful places there.

It will not be complete if you skip shopping in Singapore. There are many shopping places there, but you have to choose it carefully. You have to find the best malls to go shopping so that you will not be disappointed. Here are the best ideas that you can consider.

ION Orchard

ION Orchard singapore malls

If you are looking for a fascinating shopping place in Singapore, ION Orchard can be a good option for you. For Singaporean people, this mall is considered as one of the most luxurious and glamorous shopping places found in this country.

Comes with steel, marble, and glass artwork design, it looks very luxurious both outside and inside. Even more, it also offers special toilets for celebrities and high-level customers. That is why many celebrities go shopping there. If you want to feel this great experience, you can try to go shopping at ION Orchard.

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vivo city singapore

Today, Singapore becomes one of the best shopping destinations in Asia or even in the world. One of the best offers that have is VivoCity. It becomes one of the most favorite malls in Singapore. So, if you visit Singapore, you should also visit this mall to buy something or just look around.

This mall combines between lifestyle and entertainment that make it always crowded every day even more on the weekends. In addition, this mall is also the biggest cinema, largest toy store, wade pool, and an amphitheater in Singapore.

Paragon Shopping Centre

Paragon Shopping Centre singapore

This mall belongs to a high-end mall in Singapore. Comes with luxurious style, it offers high branded products there. It has six levels that include sports boutique, designer department outlets, eateries, and fashion stores.

You can also find kid clothing and find many things to buy. In addition, you can look for footwear, foods, games, jewelry, health & beauty, and other fashions altogether. Even more, you can also enjoy many entertainments there that make you will not ever be bored to visit this fantastic shopping place.

Knightsbridge Mall

Knightsbridge Mall singapore

Seen from the design, you can say that it belongs to the most luxurious hotels found in Singapore. Comes with cutting edge design, this mall allows many retail outlets sell their products to the visitors there. However, mostly his mall focuses on the jewelry and fashions.

If you are looking for jewelry or fashions, it becomes the heaven for you. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy lunch and dinner at this mall because many food outlets offer their best foods to satisfy the shoppers. You will be excited to visit this shopping place in Singapore.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre singapore

You can go shopping in Singapore anytime because there is a mall that opens for 24 hours a day. Of course, it becomes a particular interest for all the visitors. Mustafa Centre also unique because you will enjoy the luxurious facilities at the same time buy anything you need affordably.

In fact, most of the stores and outlets at this mall offer low prices for their products. It adds the attractiveness of this mall for the visitors. You can find various things from textiles, electronics, and watches on sale. So, this mall is appropriate for anyone with any level.

Mandarin Gallery

Mandarin Gallery singapore

Mandarin Gallery also becomes one of the best malls in Singapore that you must visit. It is also well known as the Meritus Mandarin Shopping Arcade. This mall is joined with Mandarin Orchard hotel so that most if the buyers and visitors of this mall are from other places or countries.

In this mall, you can buy many kinds of products. The hotel and mall that are designed compactly also become a great attractiveness. Anyway, you should try to go shopping there to feel the great experience.

Bugis Junction

Bugis Junction singapore

This mall also offers unique design and nuance. Some of the parts of this shopping place are outdoor so that it feels very exciting. This strategic location also becomes a great benefit because you can access it easily.

Everyone will be able to find this mall easily because of the direct access from the road. It is also near a station and other public places. Besides, it also provides many great shelters that allow you to take a rest or waiting for anything. Considering what it offers, you should go shopping there.

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Ngee Ann City

Ngee Ann City singapore

You can also consider shopping at Ngee Ann City located near Orchard. This mall has a high popularity that provides bookstores, restaurants, beauty parlors, and there are still many others needed by the shoppers.

Comes with modern style, this mall is perfect for shopping place in Singapore. So, if you visit Singapore, I suggest you go shopping to this luxurious mall.

Suntec City Mall

Suntec City Mall singapore

This place is not only a shopping place but also a conference center, office tower blocks, and an exhibition. That is why there are always many people who come to this location. There is also a movie theater and video arcades offered by this mall.

Even more, sometimes it becomes a place for a sporting tournament. Anyway, you can go shopping to buy anything you want here freely because almost all kinds of products from many outlets are sold here.

Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza singapore

Another best idea of shopping place that you can visit in Singapore is Far East Plaza. It belongs to one of the older shopping sites found in Singapore. They have about 800 retail outlets. This six-floor mall is very luxurious where you can look for your needs freely and easily. This mall is appropriate for all people with any age. Therefore, it is recommended for you to go shopping to this Plaza in Singapore.

Ending Section

Here is the end of this article. Hope this shopping guide directory in Singapore will help you choose the right places to spend your money on good and valuable stuff. If you have any suggestion or question, just leave some word on the comment form below.