It will be nice to fulfill the weekend by going to the mall. Visit the mall can be exciting activities to decrease the stress and enjoying the holiday. Singapore is one of the country, which has the great mall in the city of the town.

One of the great mall in Singapore, which you can choose as your favorite, is the Esplanade mall Singapore. It is one of the modern mall in Singapore, which will pleasant you with the detail facilities, complete store, and others. I am sure the facilities of it will be nice to color your weekend with your family!

Simple ways to go to Esplanade Mall

For the first question, it is normal when people ask about the ways to get there. Here, you do not need to worry because there are several ways to get there, which can be your choice.

The first is by bus. When you want to go to the Esplanade mall Singapore by bus, you can go to the bus stop number 02061 or the bus stop number 02111.

When you want to go there by MRT, you can directly go to the City Hall MRT or the Esplanade MRT. Around the Esplanade mall, you also can see some taxies there. Just go to the Raffles Avenue to get their services.

Simple ways to get esplanade mall

When you want to have the simple trip to Esplanade mall, you can use your vehicle. Here, when you use the motorcycle, the management of Esplanade mall will give you the free parking there. However, you need to see the availability of the space for parking.

You also can use your car. You can park your vehicle in Basement car-park with the cost around $2 – $6. Then, you also can use the water-front car-park. There are 27 spaces here, which will be a nice place to park your vehicle.

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Esplanade Mall Complete and Modern Facilities

Talking about Esplanade Mall Singapore, you will see the futuristic arts venue. It is one of the special mall in Singapore, which has 1600-seat concert hall, 2.000-person theater, studios and others, besides the mall. This place can be the one of the destination to enjoy your weekend with your family.

When you want to go to this mall, you can directly go to 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981. As I have said before, there are several accesses, which you can use to go there. In other hands, you will be easy to find this location.

esplanade mall Complete and modern facilities theater

One of many kinds of the facilities here is the Wi-Fi. We all know that people nowadays want to connect with the internet all time to fulfill their need. Here, the management of Esplanade Mall gives the Free high-speed Wi-Fi service for their customer.

Then, besides the Wi-Fi, there are several kinds of ATMs with the different card. The kinds of the ATMs will be useful, especially when you want to take more money to fulfill your need.

There is also nursing room, like the other facilities there. It opens daily from 10 am to 9 pm. You can check the condition of your body there.

Eat and Drink at Esplanade

Eat and drink at esplanade mall

This mall is also special with the kinds of the menus for eat and drink. As I have said before, this mall is one of the special mall to fulfill your weekend. Here, when you want to gather with your family by enjoying some kinds of the special menus, you can go to this mall.

In the list of the categories, some special foods, such as the Western food, Asian food and others are available. You also will be able to choose the best place to gather with your family, such as in the café & bars or the rooftop. How about the price of the menu? Well, it will be nice when you see the list of it because every food stand has the different detail of price.

Shop, Relax and More

Shop, relax and more

Besides the “eat and drink” categories, there are some special venues of shop, relax and more inside the Esplanade mall. Well, the detail of it will be the interesting matter, which will pleasant you when you are going there with your family.

Then, what are the kinds of the services? Here, the management provides variety venues to fulfill and to color your need, such as the fashions venue, gift venue, home and furnishing venue, music venue, service venue and others.

Concert Etiquette Theater inside Esplanade Mall

As I have said before, the Esplanade mall in Singapore is nice with the big hall of Theater. You need to know that inside the theater you can see the concert etiquette. It is one of the special agenda inside the Esplanade mall, which will be nice to pleasant you and your family.

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This concert is special for every people. By enjoying the concert, you will see the beauty of the art. You need to purchase the ticket to enjoying a concert in Esplanade Etiquette Theater. How about the price of the ticket? The price of the ticket depends on the kinds of concert there, so sometimes it is different.

Concert Etiquette theater inside Esplanade Mall

Well, besides the concert, another interesting thing inside this mall, which will be the reason why you need to go there, is the family time. Gathering with family in the weekend will be something perfect for you, especially when you have kids.

Here, the management of Esplanade Mall provides some special events for you and your family, called the Family Weekend. In this agenda, you will see some excellent activities, such as the storytelling, playing time, theater, food time, and others. Then, for you who want to enjoy the special night with your couple, you can join with the Date Night program!