furniture shops in Singapore

furniture shops in Singapore

Have you just moved into Singapore? Then after arriving at the new place, the first thing that springs to mind must be about where to buy the furniture for your new home. You need from some furniture shops in Singapore so that you could settle in your new place immediately.

We understand that moving to a new location could be unnerving, especially if you move from a different country. If you want to fill your new home with new furniture, but still does not know where to look, then you have come to the right place.

As in this article, we would list off some of the recommended shops that sell furniture in Singapore. Surely, you would need a lot of items for furnishing your house. From dining tables, essentials such as beds and drawers, outdoor furniture, and much more. Having knowledge about where to look for these things could save you some budget cost for the furniture.

It is important to make your home decorating decision carefully and thoughtfully so that you could actualize the dream home that you have always want, even in a foreign place that you still try to adapt with.

Recommended Furniture shops in Singapore on Budget


You might opt for a more grandiose choice, depending on your situations. Having knowledge about where you could get the best deals on furniture could help you a lot later on.

The best way to start looking for one is by starting with a reclaimed furniture and recycled ones. The best places to buy reclaimed and recycled furniture are Journey East, Artful houses, Originals, Expats auctions, and Gallery 278. They provide you with eco-friendly selections of furniture as well as perfect place and displaying area for customers.

Are you looking for reclaimed furniture made of teak or the likes of it? Then these places are absolutely what you are looking for! They also have nice customer services that would be more than glad to show you around. They also can assist you whenever you have problems or questions regarding an item of furniture. They could also provide you with worth–considering recommendations that you might be appealed to try.

For those who are on the budget and are looking for high-quality furniture to be used for furnishing their new home, then you might start to look up for those names and visit their store.

Buying Outdoor Furniture

A home is nothing without an appealing outdoor space. That is why it is necessary for people to consider getting outdoor furniture if they have any outdoor space at all. With that in mind, we would introduce you to some names of the stores that sell high-quality outdoor furniture in Singapore.

the best stores in Singapore for outdoor furniture_4

The first one is Teak & Mahogany, and the second is OHMM, the next on the list is Boulevard Outdoor Furniture and Roops. They have the best selections of outdoor furniture you could not possibly miss and on top of that, many of their selections are also quite affordable. They have excellent customer service and is cooperative when it comes to clients who need assistances. Those are some of the most recommended furniture shops in Singapore, hope it helps!