Singapore is one of the great countries for shopping. There are many kinds of the special market in Singapore, which can be the excellent destination when you want to shop. With the kind of the choices of the market, you will be free to fulfill what you want to have. One of the recommended shopping centers in Singapore is Mustafa Centre Singapore.

Mustafa Centre is one of the nice shopping centers, and it opens 24 hours! Inside this shopping center, you will see many choices of stands and venues, which show many kinds of stuff and your need. Now, let us talk about the detail of this shopping center below.

The location of this shopping center is on 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704. It is one of the strategic location of the shopping center because it is near the heart of Singapore. By the strategic location, it is easy for the people to go there. In other hands, there are also some kinds of the mass transportation, which can be the choices for you.

Singapore provides great public transportation services, such as the MRT, bus, and others. The combination of the good service and the efficient time makes MRT reliable. You can consider some of it and choose the best one.

Shopping center at Mustafa

Shopping center at mustafa centre

As I have said before, Mustafa Centre Singapore is one of the great shopping centers in Singapore, which will be a nice choice to fulfill your need. In this case, the management says that this shopping center is one of the special indoor shopping with the complete stuff category.

This mall – or the shopping center, is different with the other department store. What make this shopping center special is the complete kind of the stuff, and it has the lower price than the other department store! Moreover, you do not need to worry about the quality of the stuff here because the seller sells the original things.

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Electronic market

Electronic market at mustafa centre

The first stand inside this shopping center, which can be the reason why you need to go there, is the electronic market. Singapore is famous for the great electronic market. You can find any kind of the latest gadget here.

There are several kinds of the high-class brands inside this shopping center, like Apple, Canon, Phillip, HP and others. Of course, those kinds of brands are great with the detail quality of the product. We sure that when you choose the thing with those brands, you will have the best one.

Jewelry and watches

Jewelry and watches at mustafa centre

Mustafa Centre Singapore is also famous with the stand of jewelry and watches. The kinds of the stand here will be nice when you want to upgrade your appearance by wearing some best accessories. Here, there are several kinds of the famous brands of the jewelry and watches, which can be your consideration in choosing.

The kinds of the brands of jewelry and watches are Bvlgari, Casio, Swatch, Tissot and Tag Heuer. Of course, the kinds of brands provide their best product with the newest version to pleasant you and other customers. Just see the catalog to know the list of the product.

Other stands

Other stands mustafa centre

Besides electronic market and jewelry stand, there are some other kinds of the stand inside Mustafa Centre Singapore, which will pleasant you. Inside this shopping center, you will see the supermarket, which provides some nice thing, such as coffee, tea and herbal drink, fresh product and other.

There is also a healthy and beauty stand, which will be nice to beautify the appearance of the woman. Mustafa Centre also has a tour & travel services. You can get the airplane and the hotel ticket here.

Heaven of Food at Mustafa Centre

restaurant at mustafa centre

When you are a food hunter, it will be nice for you to enjoy your holiday or weekend in Mustafa Centre Singapore. Inside this shopping center, you will see many kinds of the food stand and restaurant in Mustafa Centre, which provide some great menus for you. The strategic location will make you easy in reaching it.

The special menu of this shopping center is Indian food. Indian food is famous and nice with its tasty. Some kinds of the great Indian restaurant are available there, such as the Delhi Restaurant, Sagnar Ratna, Mustafa Café, Lagnaa, and others. The restaurant open daily, as same as the shopping center.

Besides the kinds of the restaurant, this shopping center also provides the kinds of café for you. I am sure that staying up in café can be a great idea, especially when you want to gather with your old friend. Staying in café also will be nice for relaxing while you get tired after shopping.

What is the special of the café inside the Mustafa Centre Singapore? For the coffee lover, there are many kinds of the coffee, which can be the choices to be tasted. However, the most famous coffee there is Luwak coffee.

Kinds of Entertainment at Mustafa

Kinds of entertainment

As the one of the modern shopping center in the world, Mustafa Centre Singapore tries to give the best service to pleasant their customer. In this case, besides the kinds of restaurant and café, Mustafa Centre Singapore also has the kinds of entertainment.

The entertainment facility in Mustafa Centre also can be the nice reason why you need to go there. Inside this shopping center, you can see the concert of the music inside the café. When there are a national celebration event, Mustafa Centre Singapore also celebrates it by making some special events.

Based on the explanation above, we all know that Mustafa Centre Singapore is one of the special shopping center in Singapore, which can be the nice destination for you. Something that you need to remember here is the lower price of the kinds of things there besides another department store.

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