As one of the greatest travel spots in the world, many people looking for the suggestions for the best shopping mall in Singapore. As you can see, there are many activities that people usually do when they are travelling to a country, like eating, sightseeing, and also go to shopping around the city, including to the malls.

However as a tourist, of course, you want the best experience when you go to the shopping malls. Besides, you can also discover some good places for you to spend your money on unique products from Singapore. Based from that, we love to share our guide for you who like to visit the malls in Singapore. Well, let’s check the details up!

Best Shopping Mall in Singapore: Affordable Malls for You

mustafa center shopping mall in singapore

Many people see Singapore as one of the most expensive cities in the world, and there is this kind of fear that the goods’ price there can be very high. However, this is not true. For example, you can visit Mustafa Centre if you like to buy some electronic products, like PC, mobile phone, portable computer, and much more!

You can also buy the watches and some clothes which are very affordable, not to mention that you can also buy some jewelry accessories products which are cheap. You can also find some health and beauty products which are various and also affordable.

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No wonder, people always consider this place as the best shopping mall in Singapore. But of course, you can also find another affordable mall in the city. For you who love to visit another affordable mall, you have to try the Far East Plaza that is located on the Orchard Road. Usually, people like to buy good clothes, footwear, toys, and much more!

This mall is quite old compared to the other malls in the city, but people like to buy cool foot wears and accessories that can’t be found in anywhere else. For you who love unique products with low prices, maybe this mall is the perfect choice for you.

Best Shopping Mall in Singapore: Luxury Malls for You

When people in Singapore want to buy luxurious things, usually they want to go to the high-end malls because these malls offer many luxury brands that can be purchased easily. One of the best malls that they can visit is the Paragon Shopping Center. This mall is full of high-end brands not only for clothes, but also for foot wears, books and gifts, health and beauty products, jewelry and watches, sports and outdoor, and also toys and games.

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You can find many good foods that you can enjoy in Singapore, completed with good snacks which are sweet and delicious. This mall has won so many awards from the government because of its consistency in delivering the best services to the customers. For you who love this kind of situation, you have to visit this mall in your time in Singapore.

vivo city mall singapore

Another luxury mall that you can visit is the Vivo City Singapore, which is considered as the best one for the luxury malls because of its combination of shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle spot in the Singapore. So many things that you can buy in this place easily, such as the luxurious brands of fashion products, electronics, kids clothing, footwear, watches, and much more.

It’s important for you to save your money as much as possible. Shop wise, don’t spend your money on the product that you don’t need for. That’s our entire guide for you about the shopping mall in Singapore; hope you can visit one of them later. Good luck and happy shopping!