Singapore is a good place to visit. Although it is just a small country, that nation has managed a great development for being paradise. Many people love to visit Singapore each year. Among many attraction places, the one which mostly catches the attention of visitor is the Sentosa Singapore.

Sentosa is an island which is featured with many great adventures and excitements. Visiting Singapore will not be complete when you miss visiting this Sentosa. Now, We will show you the attractions which await you at Sentosa Singapore.



In Sentosa, one of t pleasing attraction is the Megazip. Megazip is a flying fox feature which is offered in Megazip Adventure Park. In this great pleasure, you will experience a high flying fox which is up to 75 meters high and 450 meters distance.

This is a challenging and thrilling experience as you will fly in a remarkable speed in flying fox. To get the full enjoyment, you should not be carried away with fear because if you miss the scenery from the flying fox, you will miss a lot of fun too from this Megazip. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Megazip Attraction

S.E.A Aquarium Resort World Sentosa

S.E.A Aquarium Resort World Sentosa

If you want to enjoy scenery under the sea, Sentosa Singapore also promises you with such journey. In the S.E.A Aquarium Resort World Sentosa, you will experience the magnificent view of under the sea.

S.E.A Aquarium is an aquarium which is filled with many marines in it. There are more than ten thousand sea animals which are placed here. You should get the best view of living sea animals wandering around you. You will get unforgettable experience seeing the super wide aquarium inside this attraction. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for S.E.A Aquarium

Skyline Luge Sentosa

Skyline Luge Sentosa

If you are looking for another thrilling and exciting pleasure, Skyline Luge Sentosa is the place that you should visit next. First, you will have the thrilling experience by riding the gravitation wheels ride which will provide you with an enjoyable ride throughout the Luge track.

You can get the jungle trail and dragon trail for having this fantastic cable-bench. You will have more pleasure with its fantastic scenery while you riding this attraction. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Skyline Luge Attraction

Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams

In this Lake Of Dreams, you will get to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the great colorfulness in the lake. You can enjoy it by riding a crane which will give you a good view around the Singapore and surely around The Lake Of Dreams itself.

There are more excitements which await you as you get to see some special effects which are placed around this location. For example, you can get the fire dragon, water cannon, laser arts, and other amazing shows in this place. Having an excellent night with the view of this lake is an unforgettable experience.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Have you ever see a trick eye art? Trick-eye art is a picture which will trick your eyes because the picture is just too realistic in shape and dimension. You can visit Trick Eye Museum Singapore when you want to enjoy this attraction.

The view in this museum comes with mostly 3D arts which make the look of the art realistic. The 3D arts will make you getting a beautiful photo. The perspective of the image is really compelling and realistic that you will feel like you see the real one. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Trick Eye Museum Attraction

Singapore Cable Car

singapore cable car sentosa attraction

Singapore Cable Car is one of best attraction that you can enjoy on Sentosa island. You can see the whole island of Sentosa from the car lifted above in the sky. The cable car runs not fast that make us enough time to enjoy the ride and view of Sentosa Island. This attraction is not suitable if you are afraid of high. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Singapore Cable Car Attraction

Madame Tussauds Singapore

Madame Tussauds Singapore

Do you have a dream to take a photograph with famous actresses in the world like Michael Jackson, Christiano Ronaldo, Jacky Chan and many more? Then this is the right place for you. Madame Tussauds Singapore have hundreds of clay statue that most 100% real look like the real person itself.

You can take the selfie and show it to all your friends that they will believe that you meet the real one. This is one of the favorite attraction for a family because it has no age restriction. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Madame Tussauds Singapore Attraction

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark singapore

Imagine that you can swim in a pool with sea animal around you that feels like you swim at Ocean. You can experience that fun moment at Adventure Cove Waterpark. You and your family can swim with thousands of fish around inside Adventure Cove Waterpark.

There is also one pool that manually builds like a beach with nice and smooth sands. This waterpark is colossal that able to accept hundreds to thousands of visitor inside this waterpark. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit because it’s the requirement if you want to have fun with their water attraction. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Adventure Cove Waterpark

Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower singapore

Tiger Sky Tower Attraction is similar to the cable car. It is similar but not the same.  On this attraction, we are not hanged up by a cable wire instead of pulled by machine from the ground above at a tower. We stay inside the capsule, rounded shape capsule that turns 360 degrees while going up. Tiger Sky Tower bring us up high that make us can enjoy all panoramic view of Sentosa island from the sky high. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Tiger Tower Attraction Package

Images of Singapore

Images of Singapore Museum

In Images of Singapore attraction, we will learn the history of Singapore with the unique live and experience like we are live in that era. We were travel back to the past and getting involved inside the story itself.

The story since Singapore was not yet independent until this present of Singapore, the new Era of Singapore that becomes a strong economic country with awesome infrastructure built. This attraction is a must for those who love history and cultures of Singapore. Image of Singapore admission is combined with Madame Tussauds. See Reviews or Get Best Deal for Image of Singapore Attraction

Ending Section

Here is the end of this article. However, Sentosa attractions is not limited to ten interesting attraction. There are so many other interesting attraction there, Click here to check all of Sentosa’s available attraction with best ticket deal information.