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Enjoying cruises from Singapore 2016 can be your perfect upcoming vacation. We all know that most people around the world are now getting busier and busier. They spend too much time at work and eventually have no spare time to relax and enjoy their lives. The result of that kind of lifestyle is the increase of stress possibility and depression.

Vacation is something that obviously needed for reducing tension and stress. There are many choices of vacations such as traveling aboard, going to a beach, and much more.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate vacation you can ever get, your choice must be going on a voyage on a big fancy boat. The pleasure of sailing slowly and enjoy the beauty of the ocean from the boat is just amazing.

If you are living in Singapore, you are lucky because Singapore has many great cruise services that will give you the best cruise experiences. Check out best cruise offers at Tripadvisor

3 Night Weekend Cruise

weekend cruise singapore

This cruise package service is given by the Mariner of the Seas ship. This cruise vacation is very suitable for any busy people who cannot leave their office lives for a little bit too long. It is so because the cruise only takes three nights on the weekend.

The ship will take you get around Singapore with the Mariner of the Sea ship. So, those busy people do not have to take the day off can enjoy a short but delighting cruise experience.

The Mariner of the Seas itself is a beautiful and massive ship. The maximum capacity of this ship is over 3500 people. The ship was built in 2003, and the overall length of the ship is 1020 feet. Because of such massive size, it is no doubt that the ship has many facilities inside it.

For the dining facility, the ship will spoil your taste buds with the fine and delicious meals served by five restaurants and 15 cafes inside the ship. For the health facility, you can find almost everything on this ship.

There are pools, spa, jacuzzies, gym, sauna, and even golf simulator. The entertainment facility of this ship will blow your mind with their theater, disco, jazz club, library, and ice skating area.

The ship also has chapel and shops to complete their excellent services. If you are interested in the cruise package above, you only have to prepare $525 to enjoy this cruise package. Read more reviews

49 Day Passage to the Far East

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If you are on a long holiday, and you have no clue how to spend it, then the best cruises from Singapore 2016 option is the 49 Day Passage to the Far East. The cruise package will take you across the ocean to Rotterdam, Netherlands with the beautiful ms. Rotterdam ship.

Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Netherlands, and you can do great sightseeing there. Imagine the beauty of limitless colorful tulip land and yes, you can see the beauty with your own two eyes in Rotterdam. The ms. Rotterdam ship was built in 1997, and its maximum capacity is 1668 people. It is 794 feet long and has many excellent facilities inside it such as dining facility, health facility, and entertainment facility.

For the dining facility, there are four fine dining restaurants inside the ship that will give you great dining experience. For the health facility, you can find the spa, swimming pools, gym, sauna, and even basketball court in the ship. For the entertainment service, the ship provides you with Sea Theater, casino, teen’s club, art gallery and much more. Find best cruise deals with complete customer reviews at Tripadvisor

Cruising is the ultimate vacation you can get. Call your boss, take a few days off, and enjoy the best vacation experience of your life by participating in cruises from Singapore 2016.