flights from singapore to bali

flights from Singapore to Bali

Singapore sure is a great place to have a vacation. This country offers you with many kinds of tourism object. Singapore has an atmosphere of a modern city but if you want to find the entirely different environment you can visit Indonesia, especially Bali. It is different from Singapore; Bali offers you with its natural tourism object that can enthrall you with its beauty.

Bali can give you many things such as local culture and especially its beaches. Beaches in Bali are well-known throughout the world due to its excellent view. You can directly go to this island by airplane from Singapore. You can find a lot of flights from Singapore to Bali with various types of flight companies.


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Airways Company To Bali

Some major airline companies serve the route from Singapore to Bali. There are about more than 14 flights per day which can deliver you to Bali. These companies are Garuda Indonesia Airways, Malaysia Airways, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar, Tiger Air, Indonesia AirAsia, and Silk Air. These flights have a direct flight to the Bali without transit to the other airport. You can save time and enjoy the trip to Bali.

airasia cheap low cost airlines to singapore

Singapore Airlines has five flights a day, Garuda Indonesia has two flights a day, Jetstar has three flights a day, AirAsia Indonesia has four flights a day, Tiger Air has two. Meanwhile, KLM and Silkair has one flight a day.

These flights will deliver you from Changi Airport of Singapore to the Ngurah Rai Bali, Indonesia with estimated time about 3 hours. You can also book the ticket directly at Tripadvisor. They will link you directly to the particular booking website (the cheapest one)

Cheap Flight To Bali

There are some cheap air travel companies or low-cost flights such as AirAsia, Jetstar, Tiger Air and SilkAir. These companies are well-known because of their cheap ticket. You can get cheaper from these companies by knowing their promotion ticket.

In time to time, they offer to the consumer their ticket through ads. If you notice it, then you are lucky to be able to buy it. You can also get a low price if you book the flight far before the departure schedule. You should also avoid the high season trip so you can easily get the cheap ticket.

Don’t forget to use Tripadvisor tools for your benefit. It is wise if you can allocate some cost from flight ticket cost for another holiday needs.