mrt map singapore 2016

MRT map Singapore 2016

Understanding MRT map Singapore 2016 is not that hard. Singapore is small yet well-developed country, including its transportation. Comparing to taxis and cars, choosing SMRT, the MRT company in Singapore is possibly the fastest transportation in Singapore. It also costs cheaper than taxi and bus for sure.

Those who travel with large luggage is accommodated with access in MRT Singapore. Considering that Singapore is a small-size country, you will not have hard practical issues to use the MRT. Hence, this transportation is designed conveniently since it is clean enough as public facilities. Further, you can find lots of information about the railway stations for your reference.

Knowing MRT lines and stations

There are five main operational lines for MRT Singapore (SMRT) which are the North-South line (Red zone), Circle line (Orange zone), Downtown line (Blue Zone), North East Line (Purple Zone), East-West Line (Green zone). The government is planning to build an additional line which is Thomson Line (Brown Zone), and it is expected to be operational in 2019.

north south line singapore mrt

North South Line encompasses 27 stations for your reference. Some of the favorite traveler destinations are Orchard Road and Marina Bay stations. If you are craving for shopping, you can stop by in Orchard Road to see countless apparel, shoes, bags, furniture and many else with various remarkable brands. Marina Bay Sands is one of the icons in Singapore for your reference.

circle line singapore mrt

Circle line consists of 29 main stations with extensions to two stations, which is Marina Bay and Bayfront. If you have educational purposes during your travel, you can stop by Botanical Gardens station to see National University Singapore (NUS), Bukit Timah Campus. NUS is one of the best campuses in the world and Asia.

downtown line singapore mrt

Downtown Line encompasses 35 main stations with two extensions. The popular stop in this station is Chinatown, where you can find varieties of food with different cuisine. You can also find Little India near the Chinatown for various cuisine.

east west line singapore mrt

East West Line has 33 main stations with Changi Airport line extensions. Thus, you can use Changi MRT station to visit your destination.

north east line singapore MRT

North East Line consists of 17 main stations. Although this line only has limited stations, it is one of the busiest lines in Singapore. Dhoby Gaut station which is located near Orchard is one of the most crowded stations in Singapore.

You should consider avoiding peak hours in Singapore. During peak hours, the numbers of MRT passengers are really overwhelming where you will feel uncomfortable. The peak hours in Singapore are within 7.00-8.00am, 12.30-2.00pm, and 6.00-7.30pm. For newcomers, it is noteworthy to avoid traveling Singapore at this time.

Finding MRT map Singapore 2016

You will have many accesses to get MRT map Singapore 2016. The government of Singapore provides train system map covering all the lines in Singapore. Hence, you can find the nearest Singapore to know the whole map for MRT line in Singapore.

You can also find the MRT from MRT officers who are ready to help you. Hence, you can find some interchange stations which is available on your maps. For your information, you may take two line stations to get your destination from your living place. Thus, you can see from the maps on where you should change your MRT line.

singapore ez link card

If you are often using MRT, then, using EZ-link card is preferable than purchasing a one-way ticket. It costs SGD 10 for the card itself where you can top up it periodically. You can hold your EZ-link card to the panel, and the system will automatically deduct your balance amount. Those are the perks of having MRT map Singapore 2016.