rent a car in singapore

Rent a car in Singapore is not an easy job. When you want to visit Singapore, it means you must prepare all things so you can enjoy all things during your traveling in Singapore. Rent a private car in Singapore is illegal. Car owner and renter must follow government rules applied in Singapore.

You must be careful in choosing best car rental company during your traveling in Singapore. All car owners need to provide insurance for their vehicle and passengers.

For you who want to rent a car during your vacation in Singapore, you can check some detail information below that will guide you to find the best Singapore car rental company and get best car that you need.

You can rent a car in Singapore using Expedia. They have best price guarantee program that makes sure you will get the best rate for the rented car

Time to Rent a Car in Singapore

Usually, we will be able to rent a car anytime we want, and every day. We are free to choose to rent a car for several hours or several days. But Singapore has different rules.

How about in Singapore? In Singapore, you need to know when you can rent a car. You only can rent a car from Friday to Monday from 7 pm to 7 am. How about in public holiday? In public holiday you can rent car from 7 pm to 7 am on the first working day. Not all people can drive their car every time in Singapore.

As we know, most people in Singapore especially tourist will like to use public transportation. In Singapore, there are some public transportation types that you can choose such as MRT, bus, taxi and some other things. All public transportation in Singapore are affordable and of course, you will feel comfortable when you use public transportation too. Unfortunately, some people need to rent a car so they can reach some locations in Singapore in fast time.

Benefits of Rent a Car from Private Owner

Each of countries will have different rules and punishments. That is why you as a tourist must understand all rules in new place before you go there. You must prepare all documents such as passport, visa and some other things to protect you during your vacation.

What are some benefits that you will get when you rent a car during your vacation in Singapore? First, when you rent a car from a private owner, you can drive your car in Singapore public holiday and weekend. Second, you can save more money too when you rent a car from the private owner because they will offer affordable and reasonable price. It means you will get the cheaper rate of car rental in Singapore. The last benefit is you can reduce congestion on the road too.

How about the price of renting a car from car owner? Car renting rate is based on the car model. Renting duration will become the other factor influence renting rates.

Before you rent a car, you must ensure that car that you rent must be registered under the private name, the car owner offers you insurance coverage too during the period of rental. You also need to check car condition at first and ensure that the machine is in good condition.

Using Expedia for rent a car will make your holiday more comfortable.

After you read some information above, you have already known some rules to rent a car in Singapore. If you want to drive your car by yourself, please ensure that you have a valid driving license too. It will avoid you to get some problems when you drive the car in Singapore.