Singapore Cruise Packages and how to Save Budget

Singapore Cruise Packages and how to Save Budget

Traveling by Singapore cruise packages is common nowadays since Singapore have more than 20 cruise operators. Cruise is not the only option that is available to enjoy you long term vacation. You can also choose to travel by using the ferry, especially when you want to depart from Batam or Sekupang. You can take Singapore Cruise if you plan to depart from Malaka, Penang, Highsea, Port Klang, Langkawi and Tanjung Pangileh.

The different between Singapore cruise packages and ferry

Usually, Singaporean ferry is used as transportation from Singapore to Indonesia and nearby Island. While the cruise package is preferred by people who come to Singapore as their homeport to travel around 50 destinations around South East Asia. It is not only managing a vacation from your home country to Singapore but also to traveling around South East Asia.

Both cruise and ferry trip only limit 10 kg gram for their passenger’s baggage. It also has to be less than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. If travel from Indonesia and Singapore or going outside Singapore for more than 42 hours, you can’t bring alcohol beverage. You need to pay for each alcohol beverages that you bring to Singapore, but you don’t have to pay additional expense for your cigarettes. These rules are also enforced for the passenger of Singapore Cruise. Basically, there are no essential differents between Singapore cruise and ferry except for their services and number of destinations.

How to save money on the cruise deals

Traveling with the cruise is considered expensive. You need to choose the best deal to save extra expenses for your holiday. First, you need to look for the inclusive cruise deals. Usually, each cruise operator is offering different services, but mostly they cover the drink, tips, and entertainment. You need to avoid buying the souvenir on your cruise ship since they are totally expensive.

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Photographer services are everywhere around the port, and all of them are pricey. Don’t forget to bring your camera to keep your sweet holiday memories.

The internet service which is available on the cruise ship is charged as an additional expense. The amount of money that you need to pay for cruise’s internet service will be calculated based on the minutes you used. Use it wisely

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The Singapore Cruise has a casino on their ship. If you are planning to play on its casino, make sure that you calculate your budget first. You might lose your entire money if you over-play.

You can use TripAdvisor’s PriceFinder to find the best cruise deal in Singapore. This tool will search for your desired product from 200+ booking sites such as Agoda, Expedia,, and much more.