Singapore is one of the most favorite countries for travelling. That is why there are many tourists who choose this country for their destination. If you also want to go to this beautiful country, you have to plan it properly. There are many beautiful places to visit and you do not need to worry how to reach those places. In fact, there are many kinds transportation that you can use there. One of them is Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT). This is the most identical transportation to Singapore. This article will share about MRT guide in Singapore

5 Steps to Ride Singapore MRT

5 Steps to Ride Singapore MRT

As the mayor transportation in Singapore, MRT offers many some benefits. Besides convenient, you also do not need to spend much money because the tickets are not expensive. Even more, it is also relatively fast. If you have never ride this Singapore transportation, please follow our step as follows

  1. Find the Location of MRT Station

Find the Location of MRT Station

There are some MRT stations in Singapore that you can find. You should find the nearest station from where you are. It is easy to find MRT station because every MRT station has the sign. So, you can focus to look for a station that has MRT station sign or logo. The sign is usually located at the entrances of the MRT station. So, it can be easily found.

  1. Find the MRT System Map

Find the MRT System Map

After you reach the MRT station, you can enter and look for the system map of MRT. Every MRT station has many MRT system maps. The MRT maps are usually pasted on some places or areas. For example, you can find the MRT map near the entrance of the station. The map usually provided near the ticketing machine area and passenger service office. So, you can see the map first before buying the ticket.

From the map, you have to find the MRT station you are getting now. After that, you should find the MRT station in your destination place where you are going to go. You can also find the information how many transfers or stops you need to reach your destination. If you are familiar with the MRT map, you can skip this and you can directly buy the ticket you need. Anyway, seeing and understanding the MRT map is very important for you to find much information about this transportation.

  1. Buy One Time Use Ticket or EZ-link Card

singapore general ticketing machine for MRT

After you know your destination, you can buy the ticket now. The MRT ticket is divided into two categories. The first is standard ticket. It is a kind of regular ticket. It will be a good choice for you who just want to ride MRT once or not many times. You can easily get the ticket at the General Ticketing vending machines (GTM) at the MRT station.

The other kind of ticket is EZ-link card. Different from standard ticket, EZ-link smart card offers some benefits. It is recommended for you who plan to ride MRT frequently. You can get this ticket at the ticket office. EZ-link is considered as a smart card because it offers good and beneficial services.

You can use Ez-link Card for paying MRT, LRT and buses in Singapore with discount rate. You need to deposit balance before use this card. You just need to tap on the gate for entrance and exit, the fares is automatically counted and deducting your balances. You can reload this card using GTM or by visiting ticketing office counter.

There are another ticket type that can be used by tourist in Singapore called Singapore Tourist Pass card. Visit this article to read more about Singapore Tourist Pass and Ez-link card depth explanation.

  1. Wait in front of the Right Platform at MRT Station and Check In

Wait in front of the Right Platform at MRT Station and Check In

You can find the platform easily. Even though different MRT stations have different places for platforms, it is commonly located one level above or below. However, it can be located more than one level above or below.

You can use escalator to reach the platform which available at the station. There are also some elevators or lifts that you can use to reach the right platform. (Elevators especially intended for disabled passenger and the passenger who brings baby stroller.

You have to follow the right directions that you get. There are also plasma televisions located everywhere at the MRT station. The Plasma TVs show the information related to arrival & destination. After you are done, you just need to wait for the MRT until it arrives.

Check the platform destination before you enter the train, there will be two destination on each platform, unless you are in the end station of the platform.

  1. When The MRT Arrives

singapore MRT guide

Usually the MRT will arrive fast and on time. That is why there are many people who like riding MRT rather than other transportation in Singapore.

Before MRT arrives, you should stay away from the MRT tracks and stand behind the line. The yellow line requires all the passengers queue tidily. After that, the alighting passengers should get off the train first. When it is your turn, you can board on the MRT and then enjoy riding this best Singapore transportation.

The Warnings at MRT Station

When you are at MRT station, you should not only follow the rules in buying ticket and riding the MRT but you should also pay attention to the warnings. There are some warnings that you cannot break as follows:

The Warnings at MRT Station rules

  1. No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed at MRT station. It is because smoking can be unhealthy and cause fire. So, smoking is considered as a dangerous activity. That is why it is prohibited. Besides that, smoking is also annoying because not all people can stand on the smokes. Therefore, you have to follow this rule. If you break this rule, you will be fined for $ 1,000.

  1. No Eat and Drinking

You are also prohibited to eat and drink when you are onboard the MRT. In fact, Singapore is well known as a clean country. That is why you can see that everywhere is clean there. You cannot eat or even drink including water, candy, or sweet during the MRT ride. It purposes to keep clean the MRT from any rubbish. If you break this warning, you will be fined for $ 500.

  1. No Flammable Goods

The next warning that must be followed is that you are not allowed to bring flammable goods. This warning is for everyone . Similar to smoking, flammable goods are also considered to be dangerous because they can cause fire. This warning purposes to keep the safety especially preventing fire. For those who break this rule will be fined for $ 5,000.

Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore Tourist Pass

Talking about MRT ticket cannot be separated from Singapore Tourist Pass. It offers some options for you who want to use MRT for your transportation in Singapore. It depends on where and how many days you travel in Singapore. Basically, there are three choices of Singapore Tourist Pass. They are 1 Day Pass, 2 Day Pass, and 3 Day Pass. You can choose it based on the duration of your trip. Anyway, it becomes a good choice because this smart card is wallet friendly.

Using MRT, you can visit many beautiful places, many interesting attractions, etc. You will also enjoy the comfortable train during the ride. If you buy 1 Day Pass, it covers your trip from your first pass usage to the end of the public transport service at that day. One the other hand, if you purchase the 3 Day Pass, you will get more complete coverage. So, you have to choose it wisely.

Singapore Tourist Pass Plus

Singapore Tourist Pass Plus

Besides Singapore Tourist Pass, there is also Singapore Tourist Pass Plus. Similar to Singapore Tourist Pass, this card also comes in three options. They are 1 Day, 2 Day, and 3 Day Unlimited travel pass. For the MRT, you will ride either buses or trains depending on where you will go. The prices of Singapore Tourist Pass Plus are higher but the benefits are more complete. Therefore, you have to adjust it to your need.

Singapore MRT Map

There are around 2.4 million people who ride MRT per day. That is why this becomes the most popular transportation in Singapore. Compared to taking taxi, bus way, or other options, MRT is much cheaper and faster. To ride the right MRT, you need to see the MRT map and understand it. Then, you will know what MRT that you should ride and buy the right ticket.

Singapore MRT Map

On the MRT map, you can see that there are some routes that the MRT will pass. Each route is drawn with different colors. The routes can be explained as follow:

  1. East West (EW) Route

This is the first route where the MRT will pass from east to west. This route is drawn using green color on the MRT map.

  1. North South (NS) Route

The second route is for you who want to travel from north to south. On the map, this route uses red color.

  1. Circle Line (CC) Route

The next route is circle line. This route has yellow color that directs the MRT in a circle line or route in Singapore.

  1. North East Route (NE) Route

There is also North East route where the Singapore MRT runs from north to east. You can see this route on the map in purple colored line.

  1. Downtown Line (DT) Route

This also belongs to the routes of Singapore MRT. This route uses blue colored line. Because there is a route that is in process, it is signed with dotted line.

  1. Thomson East Coast (TE) Route

This route is drawn as brown route. Similar to the blue route, it also has dotted line because there is a route that is still in process.

  1. Light Rail Transit (LRT)

On the MRT map, there is also a route that uses gray line. This line shows Light Rail Transit route where the MRTs transit in different stations.

That is all the routes that you can see on the Singapore MRT map. After understanding the routes above, you can decide where you will go and use the MRT that can deliver you to your destination. Besides understanding the MRT routes above, you should also pay attention to the location of the MRT stations especially the interchange stations. That is a kind of station where you can change or be transferred to another platform route without being required to buy the new ticket again.


For example, at Raffles Place Station, there is a close code that connects the green and red routes. It means that you can change the route from the green route to the red route or vice versa without buying the new ticket. However, if you are confused, you can ask to the official there. For example, you want to go to Universal Studio by riding MRT from Changi airport then you will be explained by the official.

That is all about Singapore MRT tips that you need to know and pay attention. It can be a good reference that guides you to go travelling in Singapore using MRT. Hopefully this will help you who have a plan to visit and explore beautiful places in Singapore for the next trip.