singapore public transporttation

Singapore public transportation

Traveling with Singapore public transportation is very convenient. Public transportation in Singapore has been known to be clean, comfortable, discipline, and especially tourist security guarantee which is not in doubt.

We do not need a very detailed guide on public transportation there because almost all public facilities have been given a very clear direction guide. The guide and sign make us very comfortable even for newbie traveler using public transportation in Singapore.

There are four kinds of majors public transportation that often used in Singapore by tourists and also by locals such as Taxi, Bus, MRT, LRT. Singapore providing card payment services, EZ link to the MRT, LRT, and buses. Read this article about how to get EZ-link card and the advantages we use the ez-link card.

singapore taxi service

Singapore Taxi Service

Nine taxi operators are operating in Singapore. Passengers can wait in a dedicated taxi station or on the side of the road which is frequently be passed by taxi in general. It would be better for us to advance a taxi reservation in advance for your time and energy efficiency. Waiting for a cab in Singapore can be said to be rather difficult because of the number of taxis operating there is not too much.

Here are some taxi operator numbers that you can reserve:

  • Comfort Taxi and City Cab (+6565521111)
  • TransCab (+6565553333)
  • Premier Taxis (+6563638888)
  • Prime Taxi (+6567780808)
  • Yellow-Top Taxi (+6562935545)
  • Taxi Singapore (+656602800)
  • SMRT Taxis (+6565558888)
  • Smart Cab (+6564857777)

Taxi booking fee ranges in $2.30 – $3.30 (Price may vary). Taxi fare varies widely, like all countries in general, the cost is determined based on the time and distance traveled, using the argo-meter. Keep in mind that there are additional fees charged by taxi passengers when using taxis at certain hours, such as peak hours,  midnight time, etc.

Other extra costs also apply to passengers as a paid road. Extra costs for entrance Changi airport also charged on Friday until Sunday when using a taxi. The cost varies depending on the schedule imposed. We think, preferring Singapore public transportation using taxicab is very pricey enough, not recommended for a budget traveler.

SBS singapore public bus

Singapore Public Bus

The bus is one of the alternatives to enjoy the beautiful city of Singapore in addition to the MRT. By using the bus, we can be more comfortable seeing the sights around the city, which in our opinion, is much more enjoyable compared to ride the MRT for MRT in general drove in the tunnels.

Currently, more than three thousand buses are operating in Singapore, on average most buses in Singapore already has the basic features such as air conditioning system and a comfortable seat.

There are two bus operators in Singapore, SBS Transit, and SMRT. Buses operate from 5:30 until midnight. The bus only stops at a stop if there are passengers who want to go down or waving to the bus driver as a sign that we will take the bus.

The Singapore bus fare is determined by the distance traveled by the payment using exact change, or better use EZ-Link or Singapore Tourist Pass card; the details can be read in this article. The fare will be easily paid, no need to set up the correct change, or dizziness due to the change

SMRT singapore mrt

Singapore MRT

As the name implies, the MRT (mass rapid transportation), is shaped rail transportation, the main lines are underground in a tunnel, very fast, it took no more than a few minutes from one station to the next station.

Now there are four operating MRT lines, namely:

  • North South Line, red colored lines
  • East West Line, green colored lane
  • North East Line, purple colored lines
  • Circle Line, yellow colored lines

Circle Line is the most recent track, inaugurated in October 2012 according to its name; the Circle Line spun from Dhoby Ghaut station to HarbourFront station. There is an MRT line which is still under construction, namely Downtown Line, the line that would pass through the Bukit Timah area and Little India, and passing places previously unreached by MRT.

singapore LRT public transportation

Singapore LRT

Light Rail Transit (LRT) is one type of urban passenger transportation operating in good road surface has an exclusive line such as rail or use a common pathway. LRT is part of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) with a coverage area that is smaller and more compact form of transportation and light.

LRT has been widely applied in the countries in the world, in South East Asia in the Philippines and Singapore. LRT in Singapore including from the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) and covers in some areas of Singapore. Currently, there are three operating LRT lines, namely:

  • Bukit Panjang
  • Sengkang
  • Punggol

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Here is the end of this article. However, We are recommending tourist for using MRT as the main Singapore public transportation, because using MRT can reach almost all interesting place in Singapore. Using Bus or LRT is cheaper than MRT, but if you were just traveling to Singapore for a few days, it is more efficient to using MRT as main transportation. You can buy an EZ-link card or purchase Singapore Tourist Pass for 1-3 days trip.